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Posted on 25 / 03 / 2006

I've insured my car through Swinton since I first started driving at the age of 19. I did a price search for insurance online and found quite a few companies lower than Swinton. I phoned them and informed them I was canceling because of this. The sales lady said please wait a few hours and we will get back to you. They phoned back and said they were happy to match the lowest Internet price. I had had an accident while with Swinton and they were so courteous on that occasion I decided to stick with them again. So they started the process of reneweal with them again, and I am glad I found a company who have been so helpful. There are many insurers online who offer 5% discount for buying online. I found Direct Line to be amongst the most competitive of the providers. My wife has since changed to them, and just a little after had a bump and they were quick to sort her out with a courtesy vechile. So she was more than happy with this company and I'm happy to recommend them as well.

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