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Staples were the company responsible for inventing the office superstore concept in 1986. They are not a company just restricted to the UK, they have stores in continental Europe and South and North America.


Posted on 03 / 01 / 2006

Staples state they are ‘office stationers,’ but when ive visited their store it seems to offer much more. They sell virtually everything for the office, and stationary is just one part of it. They sell things such as computers to furniture and even, coffee makers, toilet paper to pens. They also not only target small and major businesses, they sell items both individually and in bulk, so students and school pupils will find ideal items for their new term. The staff always seem educated and helpful, and are easy to find wearing their famous red uniform t-shirts. Alongside products for businesses they also have of range of services available, like photocopying and faxing. These services have always been much cheaper than my local photocopying specialist. Only once did I need to return a product, and to their credit they gave me money off one of their other products. I think it's a great compliment to them that they will do this, and overall I rate this retailer ten out of ten.

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Martin, Nottingham

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