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Posted on 21 / 01 / 2005

I followed a links from an email to get a free trial of the Screen Select service. After signing up with no problems I noticed that there was no mention on my account of it being a free trial. In fact, it had my next payment date as being Oct 2004 (even though the current date was Jan 2005).

I sent an email to them asking if this was normal and got an auto reply promising a response within one working day. This did not happen.

The following day I noticed that my next payment date had changed to November 2004.

Five days later Screen Select deducted three months worth of fees from my bank account on the same day.

I sent them another email requesting a full refund and asking them to cancel my account.

There was no reply.

The next day I phoned them and was held in a queue for 45 mins being told that there was one person ahead of me and that my call would be answered in 1 minute. Finally I gave up.

I issue this review as a warning to anyone thinking of signing up. For me it has been a very expensive mistake and now that they have my bank details I\'m not sure what I can do to stop them continuing to take more money.

Even if you accept that the absence of a free trial plus the gross over-charging is a genuine mistake on their part that doesn't happen often you cannot ignore the appalling customer service they offer.

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Posted on 09 / 02 / 2005

Screen Select aka Video Island . I find Video Island's quality control and customer care to be non-existent. After a string of problems regarding faulty and wrong DVDs, I finally cancelled my subscritption in early January. They kept sending me DVDs, so I complained. After a considerable wait, I received a reply on 21 January, which did confirm that my subscription had been cancelled. Then my Credit Card was charged with another month\'s subscription in advance on 27 January! I am currently in dispute with Video Island about this.

My advice to others is don't fall for signing up with TescoDVDrental aka Video Island. Although I'm still in dispute with Video Island, I have nothing but praise for, to whom I have switched.

Screen Select aka Video Island aka Tesco DVDrental rating = 1 out of 5

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Paul Ambler

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