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They state that they are the winner of the most catalogue awards in the UK for a mail order company. Scotts specialise in an innovative product range for the Kitchen and Home.


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I ordered 1 item and was sent two, I returned one and was credited for the item which was about £5. I am not at all happy about this.

User - Gillian Webber

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I telephoned u re special liquer glasses. Did a 38-2hr trip on Sat 24/12/2005 because dhl do not read messages! Apparently their "FAX WAS OUT OF ACTION" - from Tuesday until Saturday??? that is when I picked the items up AT 0903 AM!! i HAVE \'PHONED - I am supposed to be a VIP customer - I will try to attach the item y sent .. one broken purple stem glass, one broken tray (NO PARTS OF THE TRAY IN PACKAGE); one piece of amber broken glass - nothing at all to do with the package I have received. I telephoned you and your representative promised Customer Services would telephone me - that was 8 days ago. I have taken photos - so as you do not fulfill your "VIP .... \" I am obviously extremely dissatisfied. If you had responded and sent me a try and a purple glass - OK - I would have be pacified - although aggrieved that I had to travel 38 miles at the age of 69. Ultimately my present to my daughter is ..

I request compensation for the 38 mile round trip to Risley, and more importantly - I do not consider I should be troubled to return the cocktail glasses - but I DO EXPECT TO RECEIVE THE GLASSES TO THE PROMOTED BY THE TRADING STANDARDS - UNLESS YOU SEND MY A PERFECT ORDER OF THE ITEM

User - hildahulme


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