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Prudential was founded in 1848 to provide professional life assurance.


Posted on 12 / 03 / 2006

Good price and service for those over 50 and with a good no claims history. They are a pleasure to deal with, a class act of a company. I've had a Prudential car insurance policy for at least 7 years, but while changing banks I forgot to tell the Pru about my new details. Because of this my direct debit were wrong and my policy lapsed and was not renewed. I was working abroad for three months at the time.

When I returned home I had a mountain of mail and plenty of letters from the Pru informing me exactly what was going on. I was quickly on the phone to them, and to my surprise they gave me my no claims back and a discount for not canceling my policy. Easily the best insurance I have dealt with over the phone.

My brother also signed up with the Pru after my recommendation. After being with a few different insurance companies over the years, he was getting annoyed paying some rather high premiums for his company car scheme. He had tried his luck phoning around a lot more companies this year but found nothing lower than Direct Line. He had never heard of Prudential Insurance, he phoned their customer service, said they were also very polite, and they called him back with a quote. They gave him a quote that was £103 cheaper than his current insurance and £60 cheaper than Direct Line's deal. The Pru also included one years breakdown cover with green flag.

I am extremely impressed with this company. They also run the Egg credit card company.

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Posted on 14 / 08 / 2006

I helped my son try some new alloys on his car to see if they fitted before he bought them , they did fit, he was told to ring his insurance and tell them of the modification. He couldnt get through, overnight the car was broken into by bending the door frame, his sterio was stolen ,and various damage was incoured. Prudential arranged for the car to be repaired, but refused unless an exorbitent amount of cash was paid, for not informing you of the alloys. 300 POUNDS for 6 months prior to the claim, 100POUNDS EXESS, PLUS A SUBSTANTIAL INCREASE FOR THE FINAL 6 MONTHS, NEEDLESS TO SAY MY SON CANCELLED HIS INSURANCE. Not impressed at all , and with this being a 3 car family im fortunate enough to know what insurance company NOT to use myself in future.

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