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Pixmania.co.uk is an e-retailer in the UK and Europe for sales of photo, and sound products.


User rating - - The reason I bought from Pixmania is price, they were by far the lowest around. Things became complicated when I wanted to return my item. I eventually managed to get a replacement, but I had to put a lot of effort in.

By User - Addicks

User rating - - The customer service is abysmal. I purchased a digital camera from Pixmania in mid November 2005. I needed to return it because it was faulty. Well I returned it after 7 days and now it's the middle of January 2006 and I have had not a replacement camera or a reimbursement of what I paid including the postal costs to return the item. I have had an email about two weeks ago telling me they accepted it as a faulty item, but now they never respond to my emails. I have no idea what it happening currently and I must say this is the worst customer service I have ever experienced from an online company. You may save yourself a few quid, but pray the item isn't faulty or your up s*** creek without a paddle it seems.

By User - Peter Dowie

User rating - - There is absolutely nothing to recommend about this dodgy outfit. I ordered a DVD player one month ago that Pixmania claimed on their website was allegedly in stock. I expected to wait a couple of days for delivery. Well as a couple of weeks went by I started to get worried as the money had gone out of my bank account but I still hadn't received the dvd player. I e-mailed them but all I received was an message saying that because of delivery schedules there had been a delay. They had however promised that I would receive the dvd player within the next 5 days. I have now been waiting over two weeks since this email and when I phone the company I either get some lame excuse or no-answer at all on some occasions. I have tried to cancel the order and receive a refund but again have had no response. The only recourse I have left is to instruct my credit card company to retrieve the money.

By User - John Neville

User rating - - Just like the other reviewers I received terrible customer service from Pixmania. But the price was so low for the SLR digital camera I ordered that I took the risk. I paid online by credit card, with the website stating the item I selected was in stock. There is a Pixmania shop 200 metres from Putney Bridge station so I decided to pick the item up from here. I went to the shop on the day stipulated for delivery but it still hadn't arrived. The staff were really unhelpful so I agreed to turn up the next day which was a real pain because I hadn't planned on a trip to the city that day. Luckily the camera had arrived arrived on my next visit, but I will order from a more reliable retailer another time.

By User - n/a



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Summary of Pixmania

Pixmania has more than 150 000 customers and has generated a turnover of £31 million between 2002 and 2003.

Address -
Telephone - 08700 118 117 (national rate) Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm
Email - http://www.pixmania.co.uk/uk/uk/c_action/faq_clients/index.html?itag=6785

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