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They sell the Personal Post which is a digital franking machine designed for small businesses.


Posted on 03 / 05 / 2006

I currently started an eBay business selling accessories for coin collectors like storage albums, alongside thousands of historical coins and coin collections. As my sales began to rise my quit all my other part time work and focused solely on eBay and traveled to a sales conference eBay held at Anfield football stadium in Liverpool. It was here that they explained the benefit of using electronic delivery equipment to speed up the post and packaging. When you are selling hundreds of items a week the packaging of these items can really eat into your time, and stops you from listings as many things as you would like to. I search the web and read a few reviews and came across Pitney Bowes DM100i Digital Franking System. It's been designed for small businesses and home workers and helps to more rigorously control mailing costs, and has helped produce less hassle due to my improved administration. It's a small and flexible machine which I am sure would benefit any growing small business. It has a 2.5kg integral weighing platform which is more accurate than my previous manual weightier, and has also helped free up some desk space which is at a minimum. I have in the past made some incorrect package values, the DM100i has guaranteed that each letter or package I send bears the correct postage value. It did however take me a few hours of reading the instructions to fully understand all the controls, but once understood they it soon becomes a clear control panel with each stage of processing mail made simple. The only downside is that the machine can only efficiently frank and mail pieces up to 9.5mm thick, any mail that is larger needs to be processed with self adhesive tape strips. This means I only use the franking machine for sending out smaller packages. But my larger items are standard weights and therefore a franking machine isn't required. The thing I liked the most however is that standard envelopes can be altered into branded mail pieces which makes it look much more professional. The machine isn't cheap but I wouldn't like to be without it.

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Alex Howard

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