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With connections from 8Mb that includes local and national calls.


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The good points with Pipex are the price, speed of connection for this price, generally a reliable service, fast customer service, and friendly and good technical support. Only issue I had was canceling an account while moving home. It took around five months before they stopped service on the account and stopped charging me. When I first heard of Pipex I thought they offered just business deals. It was the xtreme2go package for normal home users I signed up for, it was £19.95+VAT when I signed up for my annual deal. It also included a "free" USB modem (Speedtouch 330 USB). I was happy paying the £20 a month because Pipex makes no restrictions on use. The only problem now is the lack of time I have for anything else.

User - kasey

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Includes everything u need from an isp, fast, reliable, cheap, and includes free anti-virus. I have however found the customer services and webspace a bit slow. I changed to Pipex from my old 56K dial-up with BT SurfTime, this service really did suck and did not even work most of the time. The change to Pipex and broadband was great. I usually acquire a connection speed of up to 70k/sec, which means I can now download 5-6 megabyte music files in minutes rather than hours. The free Norton Anti-virus software is always useful and has given good peace of mind.

User - craftman

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