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Posted on 12 / 01 / 2006

Not having a lot of money having just graduated, my boyfriend tried to insure a modest 1.1 205 in red. We really needed something low as most of our money was taken due to rent. Some of the quotes seemed unreasonable and were sometimes 3 or 4 times the value of the car. We phoned around most of the leading companies and lowest was Norwich Union. It was still a lot of money for our budget but unlike the other at least they agreed to throw in free RAC cover.

Because our car was a bit of a wreck, which considering I drove to work everyday and home late at night it seemed a good idea. The paperwork went without a hitch and for the first 6 months there was not a problem. That was until the obvious occurred, my car broke down late at night. I was in a poorly lit part of London at the time called the RAC, and this is where it all went like a horror film.

We had received all our RAC membership details with our Norwich Union policy. So all I did on my mobile was quote my membership number. Well the RAC stated it was not a valid number and they will not be sending anyone out to me. I explained thoroughly about my car insurance with Norwich Union and it held no water and they still refused to help.

I then phoned my boyfriend and he phoned the free number for Norwich Union and they also said they couldn't help and it was the RAC he should contact. Well nobody did come that night to help me, and it took the Norwich Union three weeks to sort the problem out with the RAC.

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