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Modems are a device used by your personal computer to negotiate dial-up networking protocols. A modem transforms the analog data it gets from a phone line into digital data that the computer can understand. The faster the modem the better, with modems of 56k and upwards being required to run web browsers and Internet applications at good speeds. With the implementation of broadband lines in the UK, you can now buy cable modems that run about 10 times the speed of a regular phone modem.

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  1. Misco - One of the leading IT resellers in the UK - supplying cutting edge technology to the consumer marketplace. View a massive range of pc hardware products by either it's category or brand.
  2. Novatech - They offer over 9000 computer hardware lines from the world's leading manufacturers. They also sell a range of computer modems at discount / cheap prices.
  3. PC World Component Centre - Their aim is to provide the UK's largest range of PC Components.
  4. Introduction to Computer Information: Modems - An introduction to classification of modems, standards and protocols, and today's status vs. future trends.
  5. Modem Speed Test Page - Provides tests to measure how long it takes to load a test page from its server, and display it on the host browser.
  6. Modemsite.com - A reliable source of 56k modem information, troubleshooting, and modem driver downloads.

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  1. Adsl modems
  2. Adsl routers
  3. V.90
  4. 56k modems
  5. V.92




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Modems are a vital part of the pc as now nearly every pc is connected to the Internet. With broadband access the range of different modem speeds has also increased.
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