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Microwaves now come in a range of types such as the standard microwaves we have used plenty of times, and then there is grill microwaves which act more like a oven and finally the combination microwaves which do both. There are all sorts of sizes, colors, and styles, not to mention brands. You find yourself looking at cost first, then when you see one you can afford you look at it. Some options on a standard microwave are touch controls offer the highest precision and flexibility of settings, followed by jog and then manual controls for chaos defrost for up to 40% quicker defrosting. Below you will find some uk shops / stores that provide great / cheap prices for Microwaves. You can find a wide range of Microwaves brands such as Philips, Breville, Kenwood, DeLonghi, Morphy Richards and many more. Otherwise you can check out our Electrical Section for other online electrical shops that sell Microwaves.

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    The Electric Shop offers you a quality service and competitive deals on all household appliances. The Electric shop also offer a wide range of electrical household products such cookers, microwaves, fridges, juicers, toasters, microwaves, kettles, Microwaves at cheap prices.
  2. Co-op Electrical Shop
    Co-op Electrical Shop supply a wide range of Microwaves at cheap prices. Co-op Electrical Shop currently stock these brands of Microwaves such as Bosch, Hotpoint, Zanucci, Indesit, Candy, Breville, Bush, Kenwood, Hinari and many others. Co-op Electrical Shop also run online deals at their web site with special offers not available at their high street stores / shops.
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  1. Daewoo KOR63MC - A pretty standard microwave but it has never gone wrong.
  2. Panasonic NNV673S Our old microwave gave up after obly 5 Years, so I wanted.

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Summary of Microwaves

Since their introduction in the early 1980's Microwaves have dramatically come down in price. You can now pick up a low cost microwave for £40 and an expensive one for over £400. The features microwaves now come with is massive, some being grill microwaves or combination oven / grill microwaves.
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