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They are a leading sports nutrition company totally committed to helping dedicated sports people and gym users exceed their personal performance goals.


Posted on 25 / 03 / 2006

I was recommended Maximuscle at my local gym because they currently the leading supplier of nutritional supplements for people wanting to develop muscle, strength and endurance. I am beginning a body building program but I know Maximuscle products are also beneficial for athletes. But the number one reason I chose Maximuscle is safety. I have heard some horror stories of untested supplement products, but with Maximuscle they test every single batch of products. And this isn't tested by themselves but by an independent analysis for the purity of the supplement. I very much hold sway but this testing which also includes every product being drug tested. I now use the Maximuscle site to order because they are cheaper and include an online discount compared to buying from my gym. The site itself is good looking, and is pretty simple to use with a clear cut design. They have plenty of sections to find the ideal supplement for you, if you want to either lose fat, build muscle or increase strength. When browsing the site loads up fast with pictures having a rapid loading time. And it's not all just shopping, they also have articles ideal for either the beginner or expert bodybuilders and gym fanatics. I've noticed over the past year these various articles have built up into a vast collection, now covering a variety of fitness topics. As with most shopping sites they like you to fill out questionnaire's, sign-up for a Maximuscle credit card etc etc, this is the only bad point of the site. The pop-up's and extra's they want you to sign-up for can get annoying if your a regular user who knows the product they are after. The products could also be considered expensive (I am currently paying £29.99 for a three week tub of protein). However, I do not mind paying the extra because I am paying for quality and a safety tested supplement. It's the only supplement I would seriously consider for putting on muscle.

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M. Russell