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The Lonely Planet travel companion and map of Central Europe is a damn good guide and map. I found it very accurate and provided plenty of recommended destinations for such a beautiful area of the world. It explained the continental train and tram system in an easy to understand way and marked all the major landmarks on a journey so you could plan your day effectively. The map I particularly enjoyed because it's covered in plastic so it very hard to be destroyed by bad whether and heavy rain. The build quality of the travel guide is also great, it traveled with me for about two months and with daily use the spine remained intact. It took so much abuse in this time but it survived it all. If you haven't used a lonely planet book, then the structure of this guide was split into three main sections. The first is an introduction with about two hundred pages, the next section covers all the regions in central Europe with specific information about getting to them, and the final section is a guide to the various languages you will encounter. The only criticism of the travel guide is published date of 2000, many of the contact details and telephone numbers had changed (some embassies had even moved). Personally I would only get a Lonely Planet guide for any new destination I visit.

By User - e. mcclaren