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Posted on 20 / 01 / 2003

I had always been a customer of TSB since owning a junior saver account. The staff at my local branch were always very helpful, and I grew up so too was my business manager. I trusted them deeply and always felt secure in every transaction I made. Everything was also straight forward, and I always received the correct information when filling out forms, or requesting a loan for my business etc. They were a small time local town branch who were 'professional' but not too flashy. This all changed with the Lloyds takeover, the staff changed and the whole ethos of the companies seemed to change. I was now dealing with the fancy dans of Lloyds of London, the city slickers. I feel that now the personal touch has gone and the service could be improved by allowing immediate cash transfers / transactions / payments between business and personal accounts like TSB did before. I am thinking of changing my account to RBS.

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annoyed and upset

Posted on 18 / 11 / 2005

I had been with Lloyds for a number of years as a student and then a graduate after leaving university. They had always seemed helpful enough, and gave me an appropriate overdraft which I did not abuse by going too far into the red. My overdraft limit had always stayed at £750 until I graduated. After graduation I had planned on traveling around Europe for a couple of months. I had already found work and had signed a annual work contract. So I went along with my contract to Lloyds expecting them to easily extend my overdraft until my first pay check. Well they turned me down point blank, were totally uncooperative and quite useless. I left Lloyds that day and went with HSBC who easily offered me the increased overdraft.

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m. terry