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Posted on 11 / 08 / 2005

Well I found the site exceptionally easy to use, the welcome page is attractive and you can easily find the link to their new collection of clothes, you just click on it to enter. Otherwise, the main categories and their sub-categories are located at the top of the page. They catalogue along with their website only offer clothes for women, so if their are any men out their unfortunately they do not cater for you. This is perhaps I good idea, as I cannot imagine many men who order and buy from catalogues (fashion catalogues at least, maybe DIY hehe). But if they did expand in children's and men's clothes, it would be an ideal location to buy birthday and Christmas presents from. Like with most sites ordering is simple, find an item you like, check it's in stock (it will show this on the page), then click the button to add it to your cart, and once you have finished your order you will need to log into your account or open an account to finish the order. There are various payment options and delivery has always been 100% reliable for me. A smashing website and catalogue.

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Suzie Camn

Posted on 11 / 08 / 2003

I ordered a bottle of Hugo for Men by Hugo Boss from Kaleidoscope for a birthday treat. The design of the box and aftershave bottle is cool as you would expect from Hugo Boss. The actual Hugo Boss aftershave has a sweet, fairly strong scent which can only be described as a manly scent. One of the best things about Hugo is that it isn't an aftershave that should only be worn during particular seasons, but is great during during the winter and the summer. I have found the fragrance is very long lasting but is never overpowering when you first put it on. I’ve worn it for almost 2 years with no skin problems or allergic reactions Also it is priced cheap for the quality, compared to some other designer aftershaves I have bought. Could not thank Kaleidoscope enough for finding this product at such a low price, and delivering it on time,

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Martin Thomson