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They classify themselves as adirect home shopping company. They currently operate over 20 catalogue brands such as petfoodnstuff, they state they have over 2 million customers.


Posted on 13 / 08 / 2006

I'm a serial catalogue lover who has run up some serious credit history with the likes of freemans etc :0.

To begin with I had no problems with the quality of service that jd williams delivered for nearly a year now at the least. There was no problems with credit and payments options and the quick delivery made for one happy camper.

All of the clothes I ordered were delivered in a week or so, clothes were the only thing I went for. The price of dvd's etc are far too high compared to the likes of Play who I usually use.

Their statements are clear and they do have the occasional bargain on their clothes.

The time I become disappointed was my last order, which didn't turn up and caused no end grief..

So overall it's not been bad, but when things went wrong they were a nightmare to deal with.

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from - Sally