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Hard disks were invented in the 1950s. They started as large disks up to 20 inches in diameter holding just a few megabytes. They were originally called "fixed disks". They later became known as "hard disks" to distinguish them from "floppy disks." Hard disks have a hard platter that holds the magnetic medium, as opposed to the flexible plastic film found in tapes and floppies. The most popular device to store data from a personal computer. Hard disks have been used to store on personal computers for a long time and are now more reliable, fast and can store more data (60gb upwards). Hard disks are stored within the case of a PC and most cases and motherboards allow the ability to store and use 2 hard disks. It is always a good idea to buy a new hard disk when upgrading a CPU or processor, because a CPU can only process data as fast as the hard disk can supply it.

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