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One of the UK's most popular high street brands for entertainment products such as movies, music and computer games. You can navigate their top selling products and deals of the week offers.


Posted on 23 / 03 / 2006

Always felt their stores are a little dingy and seedy compared to say Virgin Megastore. Must be all the pink neon lights and black plastics :). Their prices are also some of the highest around, don't pay any attention to their sale offers, and 2 for 3 offers etc. You can usually buys these dvd's separately at other stores for much less. Take Amazon for example online, I am sure they will beat HMV for price for any item whatsoever. Don't take my word for it compare them yourselves. On a more positive note I have to say when visiting their high street stores they do have a large selection. At the Derby branch they have many more CD's and dvd's than the Virgin Megastore across the pavement. And they also let you listen to a CD because purchasing it. The vinyl selection is also good. If I can't find a CD or dvd elsewhere I will always give HMV a try, but I know I am paying a premium for their TV advertising, prime location and fancy stores. Online I can't think it makes any sense purchasing from them, you are bound to find stuff lower at Amazon, Play or Loaded 24/7. And in my experience they guys have a great delivery service with timing I am sure HMV cannot beat. That sound HMV are a reliable brand if a little pricey.

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Karen, Derby

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