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Posted on 30 / 06 / 2005

HI, My name is Sheila and i've been there in England last february and spent some good time there. I got back here in California last april but before that, i was inside the airport when i realized that i dont have any gift for my boyfriend. So i decided to look around in Duty free just incase i see something special. And I found a deodorising body spray which was an "fcuk" product and it really
caught my eye. So i bought two. When i get here i gave it to my boyfriend and he loves it a lot. Yesterday he said he has almost run out of it and wants to buy more. But the problem is I can't find Fcuk deodorising body spray in America, this is a real shame. Then I found some Fcuk products at this site, which was great.

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Sheila dela Cruz

Posted on 23 / 07 / 2005

I have been shopping from a large number of catalogues till recently. I finally ended up with the only catalogue i really liked, which was Grattan. I had been using both Great Universal, but I didnt like their delivery method, with items never being delivered because the order processing would go wrong. And I simply wouldnt get my items, and lots of items seemed out of stock. With Grattan it's easy to order by phone, mail or online. All you need is an account. I've found that the personnel is always friendly and helpful. And I always got honest answers about whether an item is in stock or not. Delivery has also always been on time, with my courier always delivering the packets in the evening when he knows I’m in. IMHO they are the best mail catalogue company I have tried so far.

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Kirsty, Norwich

Posted on 13 / 08 / 2005

I've read on some reviews sites that many people have had problems with Grattan. I think the problem is many people only write reviews if they are negative. Well my opinion of Grattan is I've never had any problems with Grattan. This is from a customer who has been with them for quite a while now. My mother even ran the catalogue for about 6 years. During the time I have been buging from Grattan I have always found the goods to be of good quality, definitely better than from Argos and Littlewoods. And very rarely have I ordered an item which is either faulty, or the wrong item has come by mistake. Both of which can be common complaints with catalogue companies. I found the best way to order the catalogue wass by telephoning them, my only complaint was i had to do this twice before I got my catalogue. Apparently they had run out of supplies of the old one, and the new one was just coming in, so i must have been unlucky. I've always found the employees on the phone helpful as well.

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Helen, London

Posted on 27 / 03 / 2006

I closed my grattan account nearly 2 yeays ago, since then i have telephoned, sent emails and written to try to stop them sending marketing offers, as i am worried my id could be stolen when i leave my address. I am also registered with mail email and telephone preference but they still send this stuff out, they have confirmed the account was closed but after a while they open it again. Don't buy you will never be able to close the account, and when you change address your i'd could be stolen.

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j casson