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Goldsmiths has been trading since 1778, and in 2005 they offered over 170 high street showrooms in the UK.


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They are premium jewellers that you can find in most major cities in England. Unlike H. Samuels and Ratner's they target the high end of the jewellery market, stocking watches from manufacturers like Omega, Gucci, TAG, Rolex and Cartier. Their jewellery, stones and gems is usually not branded but of course has the same hefty price tag. So when looking for 10 year anniversary present I trusted this shop to buy my husband a new watch. I picked out an omega time piece which was priced at £795, which for me was a major financial outlay. I realised I could have purchased it lower from say eBay, but I needed someone I could trust. At the same time I decided to repair my old Rotary watch, as Goldsmiths are an official Rotary stockists it seemed a logical move. All that needed doing was a couple of pins in the strap, a new glass face and a new battery. Total cost?, £75, this was nearly more than the price of the watch, what a rip off I thought. And it started me thinking maybe the Omega was a rip off price as well. I decided to look elsewhere on both counts. Well after visiting my local jewellery store they offered to order the same watch for £45 lower, and did the repairs for just £15. As I went shopping around town they managed to do all the repairs within 1 hour. Now this was service :). If you ever visit Goldsmiths I am sure you can guarantee good service and quality merchandise. The stores are attractively furnished and lit which makes it a joy to browse around. But if your looking for low prices and repairs I would give them a wide berth.

By User - anne