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The Friends Reunited Dating offers people from aged 16 – 100 the opportunity to find friends and a partner for life.


Posted on 17 / 11 / 2005

If your interested about find out what old school friends are doing now then Friends Reunited is for you. For my old school most of the people have only seemed to have updated their profile every few years or so. I guess there is a chance the popularity of Friends Reunited has faded somewhat, so updates may not be so common or at all I suspect in upcoming years. But even if they update it only every three years it by far enough to see how people's lives have headed. The site is all organised by the year you were at school and then where the left. Problem being some people left after O level exams and others at A level exams. Surely by searching by age group this problem would not occur. Great idea for a website, and absorbing reading.

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Posted on 11 / 12 / 2005

I heard about this site on the news, after it started receiving lots of hype in the press. The downside is that Friends Reunited is not a FREE service, you have to be a paying member to fully benefit. I am interested to looking up old school friends, but not paying for the privilege. Why can't they just pay for it but using adverts like any other high traffic website. Great idea, shame about the cost involved. I also worry about posting all the details of my life online, how secure is the data?, personally I do not like there being a database of personal information about myself, with no idea how much control I have over it. Especially as all this data is published to anyone else who is a member (millions). If I published my details I would surely like a 'delete all records' options, if there is one I would love someone to post here informing me. After reading all the Friends Reunited help files and faq I couldn't find their procedures for this.

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