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They offer holiday homes and are currently one of the leading self-catering holiday specialists in Europe.


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When I go on holiday I usually stay in hotels, but I have been missing been able to do what I want when I want. With hotels you do seem locked into a certain routine. Therefore I asked around work for other options and a friend introduced us to this company. She had booked a large property for a weekend, and around nine of her friends spent a weekend there. But it certainly was not a cottage or villa, the beauty of the break she said was that it was a converted Windmill with substantial grounds. In the grounds was a large games room with pool tables and a good sized outdoor heated swimming pool. She still had the brochure for the property so I had a good look at it, and then decided to check out their website (the url was on the brochure). and games room. After looking at the property that they stayed in, I decided to have a good look at the site. The site is a colourful and you can pick a property by either the country, region and month you want to stay in. After you have searched it then leads you to all the cottages within the chosen preferences. After finding a couple of cottages I was interested in I narrowed down the search further by clicking on ‘Availability Search’. Here the website indicated a price range, and other requirements. Sadly the times I could have stayed were all booked up, so I guess I will leave it for another year.

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They have over 6,000 places to stay in, from castles, country estates, farms, windmills, villas and chalets.

Address - The Netherlands
P.O. Box 2051
NL-5600 CB Eindhoven
Telephone - Fax : 00800 - 88 088 089
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