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  • LOVEFiLM - Is an online DVD rental service that lets customers rent unlimited DVDs for £7.50 per month.Members choose the films they want to watch on the website and add them to their queue. more
  • Screen Select - Offers unlimited DVD rental with no due dates, no late fees and with over 15,000 titles to choose from. Screen Select was established in early 2003 to develop an online entertainment subscription service in the UK. more

  1. Cinema Paradiso - Established in early 2003 with the aim to take film rental service to the next level. Chose DVD format and the Internet to make it easier and cheaper for people to find and get the movies they like. more
  2. Dvds 4 Us - Pay-as-you-go-Dvd-rental. No need to sign up for monthly subscriptions. Just rent what you want - when you want. Rent for 7 nights for as little as £1.50. Postage and packing is Free.
  3. Mailbox Movies - For a monthly subscription, ranging from £9.47 to £24.47, customers can have the latest movie Dvds delivered to their homes by free 1st class post. There have 1000’s of film titles to choose from. more
  4. TIME-LIFE - Offers an ever-expanding range of continuity and set products. For multi artist music compilations, single artist music sets, documentary and entertainment video/DVD series ranging from the Disney Collection. more
  5. UK DVD Rental Guide - Reads detailed reviews and rankings of all 40+ UK dvd rental-by-post sites, so you can pick the best.

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