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Below you will find some uk shops / stores that provide the best and cheapest  Dishwashers, you can find a wide range of dishwasher brands such as Zanussi, Hotpoint, Whirlpool and  many more. Dishwashers from companies like Bosch and Hotpoint now come in sizes such as full size, compact or slimline depending on the space available. You can also buy a dishwasher which is integrated and are hidden from view inside a cabinet. Cheap dishwashers we have seen below 100 pounds come with features such as Automatic reminder to add salt, Only needs cold water, so it does not use the hot water from your tank and dishwashers that use the heat in the dishwasher from the final wash, this economical drying programme leaves your pots almost dry.

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  1. Indesit D63W - Good value for money with excellent cleaning abilities.
  2. Bosch SGS56E02 I purchased my dishwasher over 20 years ago. I choose Bosch.

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- Additions Direct
- Dabs
- Dell
- Lastminute
- Littlewoods Index
- Phones 4u
- Tesco
- Screwfix
- Woolworths


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Summary of Dishwashers

We found that Dishwashers have come down in price alot, with a the lowest / cheap price being around £200 going up to £700 for an expensive kettle with all the features. Prices for dishwashers usually depend on the type features that are included, such as separate cycles for pots and pans, food grinders, multiple cycles, etc. Make sure the dishwasher you buy has a light or energy saving cycle.

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