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A Digital Set Top Box is device used to receive all free to air TV channels, digital radio and interactive services. Most of these boxes in the UK can receive up to 30 free channels, including QVC and UK Bright Ideas. Along with being able to receive the digital text and the free interactive services broadcast by the BBC and other broadcasters. These boxes can also receive pay channels such as sky movies and sports, mtv and filmfour.

Things you should look out for in these boxes are,

  • Recieves all of the Freeview channels without the need for a separate adaptor.
  • These include BBC Three, BBC Four, BBC News 24, Sky News, Sky Sports News, ITV2, The Hits, CBBC, CBeebies plus digital radio channels.
  • 2 RGB enabled scart socket, these sockets accept picture signals in higher quality format.
  • Digital text compatible.
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  • Comet - Supply a wide range of set top boxes. Comet currently stock these brands of set top boxes from Sagem, Sony and Philips.
  • Currys - Offers an extensive list of freeview boxes at cheap prices, they currently stock these brands of boxes; Sony, Panasonic, Philips, Sagem and Thomson.
  • - A simple way to get Digital TV with the new Freeview digital terrestrial television and radio service, with information on how to receive over 30 free channels.
  • BBC - Digital - Homepage - Extra TV & radio channels from the BBC on satellite, cable & with Freeview.
  • Information on free-to-view TV - Information on Freeview, the UK free-to-air TV supplier, including comments on available set-top boxes.

User Rating -

Philips DTR-1500 Set Top Box

In November 2003 I purchased A Philips DTR 1500 from Scottish Hydro and since then have had perfect reception on all freeview TV and radio channels. That was until about three weeks ago when I was suddenly unable to receive BBC Four, BBC Intractive Channels and certain BBC radio channels like Radio 5, 5live Sport and BBC Music.

All other TV and Radio Channels (including the BBC ones not mentioned continue to have perfect reception.

I have checked with BBC that there are no local transmission problems and they have confirmed that all is well at their end.

I have attempted to reboot the DTR by disconnecting the power lead and the two scart connectors from its rear. After allowing over 30 mins in that state I reconnected but did not get the initial start up menu. I then tried manual updates of channels using the installation menu, but no change. All I see on BBC interactive and BBC Four etc is the red styalised television receiver and the blue banner describing the program.

I have no locking or parental control devices set.

Can you help please?

User - Alistair

User Rating -

Re Alistairs problem.

You need to return the box to it's factory default setting, then re-install the channels. You can't do this by simply disconecting the cables, but go through a series of commands using the box, the mains supply and the remote. To find out how, refer to your user's manual (it's near the back). If you've lost your manual, you can download one from the Philips website.

User - Michael

User Rating -

XtendedPlay -

Absolutely Brilliant Service!

I had some questions which were answered fully and promptly prior to purchasing the 250Gb Sky+ hard disk upgrade.

I ordered one day - received the next!

Comprehensive instructions were provided, even the tools to do the job.

The whole process took me less than 10 minutes.

My Sky+ system is working perfectly and I have an incredible 125 hours of recording space.

User - n/a