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Desperate Seller
Desperate Seller are innovating car advertising. Car sellers are now able to advertise their car on 101 websites to a market of over 5.5M potential buyers, at the click of a button. If you are desperate to sell your car quit and without much hassle then Desperate Seller is the ideal web site to visit. Desperate Seller have over 50,000 cars advertised in there database and they can send adverts by mobile phone. Desperate Seller offer one package for £29.99. This package advertises private sellers cars on 101 websites, inc. the likes of Whatcar, Fish4cars, Carsource, etc.
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Desperate Seller look a good place to use if you really need to sell your car quick because they can put adverts and advertise your car on 101 car web sites on the Internet and this can include a photograph of your car.

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