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Demon Internet have been offering dialup connections since 1998, now with broadband.


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I remember back in the old dialup days Demon were a top notch ISP, but their service has really suffered lately and there are not many good points to recommend them, except maybe their "free support" service. But even this is not as it seems, yes it's free but it seems like they have only one person ever on the phone, the wait is long and you usually never get through. Fair play they have been updating their servers but for the £10+ I am paying per month it's not value for money. Simple things like accessing my email can take a very long time. Once their server crashed while I was working from home, it was doing this frequently at the time and it took two days before my computer was communicating again with Demon. For my company this resulted in a financial loss and unacceptable for business users to have such delays. Things continue as they are I am changing providers.

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