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Dating Direct is a great web site to visit if you are looking for a new friend, relationship, partner or just some fun.


Posted on 17 / 07 / 2004

Excellent site, which will not cost you a fortune because it features a fair price structure. And unlike many other dating sites they do not fake their member numbers. Another nice feature is that fact it shows which an indicator line whether a member is active or not. Their search facility is also one of the most comprehensive I've used because you can search by post code. This site offers a genuinely excellent service.

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Posted on 18 / 03 / 2005

The main advantages of using dating direct the member numbers and the site itself being very easy to navigate. Also if you have messaged a member the system will then notify you if they have responded. But sadly it let down man members who do pay, and then there are far too many a nonymous members who do not even post a photo of themselves. And after using the site for a few months I have began to notice serial daters who pop up all the time. With dating sites it's always the quality of its members which decided it's worth, and I think more quality checks are needed. However I still think it's worth a try.

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