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Established in 1986 Codemasters develops and publishes video games for PC, PSOne, PS2, Nintendo, Gameboy and X-Box. There impressive range of titles are bought by millions of people every year and include Colin McRae Rally, Operation Flashpoint, LMA Manager and MTV Music Generator.Other games include Club Football, Toca Racing Driver and Mike Tyson Heavyweight Boxing to mention a few.

You can buy codemaster games for

  • PC games
  • PlayStation2 Games
  • Xbox Games
  • PSOne Games
  • Game Boy Advance Games
  • GameCube Games

and codemaster games in genres such as,

  • Action / FPS Games
  • Action Strategy / RTS Games
  • Football Games
  • Motor Sports Games
  • Music Games
  • Role Playing Games
  • Sports Games
  • Back Catalogue


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The codemasters site sells the total range of computer games they make such as Micro Machines for platforms such as the Playstation 2. The site is well laid and includes good information on the latest game development news and you can signup for a newsletter. Codemasters site is a good place to visit.

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