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They stock over 15,000 lesser known and old titles available to rent through our easy to use website as well as the latest releases.


Posted on 11 / 02 / 2006

The website is attractive easy to use, it also includes plenty of helpful articles and text when your making selection choices. I am a real film buff and a massive fan of French and German films. I am already a member of Amazon's rental service, and use this service for renting the latest Hollywood blockbusters. But I felt their service lacked enough art-house euro films, so with a minimum £5.99 (the package I picked) per month fee I signed up with Cinema Paradiso. I found them by just typing 'dvd rental uk' in Google, it seems most rental services for the UK are linked in with Screen Select now (a company with a terrible reputation). As I was not interested in this company in the slightest, Cinema Paradiso were the next company to pop up in the list. Since the time my account started nearly all of my emails have been answered within 4-6 hours, and there has not been a single delay with my rentals. The trial period was also 1 month, which is way beyond what any other company offers. And the service includes are the standard features like being able to keep the DVD's as long as you wish. Of course you will need to return it to receive the next DVD movie you wish to rent. It all depends what your film interests are, if your the Die Hard type of movie fan visit another site, if you like your art house thought provoking drama it's the service for you.

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