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They are a large movie rental store which offer monthly rentals for £14.99 a month. For this price the customers receive unlimited DVD rentals for the whole month.


Posted on 23 / 08 / 2005

I have been a member of Blockbuster video / dvd store since they first launched in the UK in the early 90's. For all the years i've using them I've never had any problems. Because i live in a village around 10 miles from my local town I decided to see what their new website / postal rental service was like. I decided to use their free two week trial to see what it was like. I found the Blockbuster website easy to use and navigate, with each film containing a useful description and a star setting. This was where people say how much they enjoyed the movie by giving it a star rating being 1-5. Pretty much like this review system. When you have found what you want you simply click on the button to add to your list. Once you have created the list you want you simply go through the ordering process like with any other shopping service. The dvd then comes in an envelope with you then simply re-use to send back. Nothing could be easier, and overall the service has been a big time saver for me. The only downside is sometimes on a wim i want to rent a dvd, and with this service you have to wait next day, which is sometimes too long a wait :).

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Mike, Yorkshire

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