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  • Betfair - Now the world's no.1 online betting site with 1,000,000 bets being matched daily. They differ from traditional bookmakers in that all bets placed on the site are between individual people. more
  • BETDAQ - A world leader in the new and exciting arena of exchange betting, the fastest growing sector in the global betting industry. BETDAQ betting exchange now matches over £20 million per week. more

  1. TradeSports - TradeSports is the leading US betting exchange and has members from 121 countries and has traded over $500,000,000 since its start. TradeSports attracts customers that back & lay substantial sums of money. more
  2. TradebetX - Offer a betting exchange. TradebetX is leading the betting revolution, by offering fantastic odds and markets on all leading sports.
  3. UK Exchanges Face Taxing - But increasing popularity of betting exchanges has reduced the amount of revenue Customs and ... expertise to help it ensure new types of gambling are compliant
  4. UK Betting Exchanges - C4 - Betting Exchanges have had a fundamental effect on every facet of the way gambling takes place on horses.

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