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  • Battery Force - Buy replacement batteries from all your favourite brands - at cheap low prices with great online discounts from Battery Force. Satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Battery Mountain - Offer a selection of the highest quality Digital Camera & Digital Camcorder Batteries. They aim to find the right battery for your device and they research recommendations from manufacturers of batteries.
  • Budget Batteries - Extensive range of batteries for the retail, trade and industry sectors. You can find products such as battery chargers, lithium batteries, rechargeable batteries, nimh batteries, alkaline batteries.

  • All Batteries - Resource for laptop, digital camera, camcorder,pda and lithium batteries. They state that all their products come with a full 1 year warranty.
  • Battery House - Online shop selling batteries at up to 50% less than high street prices. Along with batteries for watches you can also find a range of household batteries. A good place to find specialist electrical spare parts.
  • Digital Era - Find rechargeable AA and AAA batteries from Uniross. 2000MAh Battery chargers. Ipaq replacement batteries, laptop batteries and they state are all sold at very competitive prices.
  • DC Battery - They offer a selection of chargers and rechargeable batteries for electrical products like digital cameras and digital camcorders. They have both retailer and distributor for replacement batteries.
  • GMK Batteries - Online supplier of batteries for camcorders, digital cameras, notebook computers and also memory cards. Find batteries for makes such as Rioch, Duracell, Ferguson and Goldstar.
  • Small Battery Company - Secure online retailer for all your small battery requirements including batteries for watches, hearing aids, cameras and electronic toys. Keen prices with UK postage and packing included.
  • Southern Cells - Duracell Battery and Kodak Camera Film suppliers. Buy duracell batteries, kodak film and kodak disposable cameras. Also - UK alcohol breath testers, your own personal breath tester.

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