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Alienware also makes professional workstation computer systems, these are aimed at the creative professional market.


Posted on 25 / 09 / 2005

After looking around for a pc I was interested to view the Alienware range. I had spent time on the Dell, Savrow, PC world sites. On all these sites i found pretty much the same thing. They all seem to beselling Mid range computers at around the same average prices. This difference with these guys is they build custom build section and they have 99% of the features i wanted. And when I telephoned them the customer service were prepared to help me with making my custom built machine. The computers look perfectly designed for my taste, and the cases certainly have enough room for future expansion. Overall the ordering process was a pleasant experience, even though mu bank balance wont like it. Definitely a website for the pc specialist, who wants something a little different.

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Posted on 24 / 03 / 2006

Area-51 Extreme Computer

In September 2005, I purchased an fully loaded Alienware Area-51 Computer extreme version. This was the best they had to offer. The system ran extremely well for about a month and then the problems started. The machine ran very hot and I suspect caused permanent damage to at least one graphics card and the CPU. Numerous calls to Alienware's "offshore" help desk resulted in replacement of one graphics card, which helped but did not fix the problems. They strung this issue out until the massive 3 month warranty expired and have refused to help me ever since. They won't even SELL me replacement parts for the motherboard and CPU. So I sit here today with a $5500 box that ran for only a few months and Alienware refuses to assist in anyway. This is without question the worst customer support I have ever received. It is hard to believe that anyone can give them a 5-star rating. I neither recommend their equipment nor their after sales support. These people are an embarassment to the PC industry. Suggest you shop elsewhere.

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Summary of Alienware website

Alienware is a leading manufacturer of high-performance,

  • desktops
  • notebooks for

The computers are aimed at,

  • enthusiasts
  • gamers
  • mainstream consumers

You can also check out their line of media center systems designed to integrate into the living-room.

Great company for consumers requiring the latest cutting-edge pc designs, and award-winning customer support. Alienware should meet their demands.

Address - Alienware Ltd.
Unit 1 Blyry Court
Blyry Industrial Estate
Athlone, Co. Westmeath, Ireland
Telephone -
Email -



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