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You can find Internal and External 56k Modems that includes features such as data, fax and voice capability, V.90 support, V.92 support, reliable and fast connection the Internet and modems that are ADSL routers for 1port and 4port. A modem transforms the analog data it gets from a phone line into digital data that the computer can understand. The faster the modem the better, with modems of 56k and upwards being required to run web browsers and Internet applications at good speeds. Standard created by the ITU (International Telecommunication Union) for 56k modems. The V.90 standard for modems controls things like the handshake procedure time when a dial-up modem is trying to connect to the Internet. The V.90 standard was required because of two competing 56k technologies which were X2 and K56flex. For more computer hardware shops please check out our Computer Section.

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They offer over 9000 computer hardware lines from the world's leading manufacturers. They also sell a range of AMD and Intel computer processors at discount / cheap prices.You will find computer hardware such as 56k modems for PC's that support pci and usb ports at low / cheap prices.

You can also search WStore for a great range of computer hardware from a host of manufacturer's such as Conexant who make great 56k modems for PC's. at cheap online prices from a host of manufacturer's.


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56k Modems are still the most popular type of modem on the market and standard on most pc home packages.

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