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3G is the latest type of mobile phone to hit the high street and it's being pushed quite hard by advertisers in the UK press. 3G is seen as the future by most mobile phone manufacturers and they certainly believe it the technology of the future by the amount of money pumped into the technology.

About 3G
3G stands for third generation, and is a wireless industry term for a collection of international standards and technologies aimed at increasing efficiency and improving the performance of mobile wireless networks. 3G wireless services offer enhancements to current applications, including greater data speeds, increased capacity for voice and data and the advent of packet data networks versus today’s switched networks.

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Summary of 3G

3G is a generic term covering a range of future wireless network technologies, including WCDMA, CDMA2000, UMTS and EDGE. 3G combines high-speed mobile access with Internet Protocol (IP) based services. This doesn't just mean fast mobile connection to the World Wide Web - by liberating us from slow connections, cumbersome equipment and immovable access points, 3G will hopefully enable new ways to communicate, access information, conduct business and learn.

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