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3M are the manufacturer of Post-it (Post it) notes. Their website allows you to create notes in different sizes, paper colour, ink colour, font typeface and paper image.


Posted on 13 / 05 / 2006

First test run order was for one colour imprint post-it note pad witch included 50 sheets at a size of 102mm x 149 mm on their standard yellow paper. The quantitywas ten and came to a price of £25.97. With shipping this was a little extra. They came delivered as stated and therefore we placed a larger monthly order for our whole office. In a busy sales office post-it notes are a standard requirement. We also received a special Christmas gift of an weighted 7 compartment organiser that helps keep all the commonly used 3m supplies organised. Alongside these items it also holds pens, pencils, CDs, business cards within easy reach. We soon ordered one of these for every desk as well. My only criticism is of the 3m site itself, it looks nice enough but is a horror to use. The order page is complicated and difficult to understand with a unattractive table with small text hard to read. It therefore took me longer than it should have to complete any order, this is a major downfall that 3m need to rectifyif their plan not to lose custom. Once I had proceeded to the checkout it was plain sailing from there on, it was more the selection of the product I had difficulty with. Apart from this the service and product has been above satisfactory.

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T. Clove, Warrington

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