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1st4phonecards is one of Europe´s largest dedicated online suppliers of International phone cards (calling cards). For those who are not familiar with phone cards: They can be purchased on-line and delivered by email. They enable people to make very cheap International Phone Calls from almost any phone. In addition to a huge range of popular UK cards they also supply cards into 40+ countries, which is handy as your visitors may also be in one of these. Thus the audience extends to categories: travel / dating / expats / shopping / gifts / telecom / mobile / international students / travellers.

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At (formerly UK Phonecards) their goal is to find you the cheapest highest quality phonecards (referred to as 'calling cards' in some countries), and enable you to purchase these on-line, or by mail-order, with ease. They will be continually adding to our range of cards and encourage you to visit here frequently. They will try to provide a balanced view of each card.

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